Preschool Learners

The Preschool room offers enrolments for children 3-5 years of age. This room offers ratios that exceed the national standards, accommodating 26 children per day with 4 educators and an additional educator during the busiest times of the day.

Our play-based curriculum follows the children’s interest and strengths to enhance and challenge their developing skills. The preschool environment is inclusive and open-ended with access to both indoors and outdoors environments giving children autonomy to initiate and extend their own learning.

The following programs are also incorporated into the Preschool room environment:
– School Readiness Program
– Community Partnerships
– Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA)
– Specialised Sports Program

School Readiness Program

The Preschool program, delivered by university trained teachers, supports children’s transition to primary school with a focus on social and emotional development as well as fostering independence and autonomy. School readiness is embedded into all aspects of the program to promote:

– sharing and turn taking
– language development
– motor skills
– resilience and self-regulation
– problem solving skills
– literacy and numeracy skills

Community Partnerships

Due to the location of our service, our preschool children are fortunate to be involved with the wider community. We regularly visit Cardiff library for story time and take short excursions to local businesses. In addition, we have entertaining children’s shows at the Service and receive educational visits from health workers and emergency services.

Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA)

We currently participate in the ELLA program, with children aged 4-5 years learning Italian. It is a digital, play-based language learning program that teaches children a new language and culture. Using ELLA in the year before primary school has shown multiple benefits for children. Children expand their knowledge of how language works and apply there to other literacy tasks.

Specialised Sports Program

In the Preschool room we run specialised sports programs designed to develop children’s physical skills and co-ordination. The program teaches children a variety of sports with a focus on fundamental movement skills such as throwing, catching, kicking, and running. The program keeps children active, supports teamwork and is lots of fun!