Early Learners

The Early Learner’s Room offers enrolments for children 6 weeks to 2.5 years of age. This room offers ratios that exceed the standards, accommodating 12 children per day with 4 educators and an additional educator during the busiest times of the day. The Early Learners Room features a variety of spacious indoor and outdoor play areas with plenty of shade and room to explore.

The room caters for a wide range of stages in children’s development. All children are programmed for regularly based on their interests. We aim to provide a warm and friendly environment with opportunities to maximise children’s potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning.

Our educational program has specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognises the importance of communication and language, including literacy and numeracy, and social and emotional development. We support connections between home and early learning, our routines are flexible and cater to individual and family needs aiming to provide a consistent and relaxed atmosphere.