Our Philosophy

We Belielve



Are warm and trusting to promote children’s wellbeing, self-esteem and a sense of security

Respect children’s choices and decision making

Foster positive relationships with families

Respect the dignity and rights of each child

Make children feel confident, secure and supported to explore the environment

Show children we care about them and are interested in what they do, think and feel

Treat children equitably and promote inclusive practice to ensure participation of all children


Is guided by family context, culture, children’s abilities and needs

Focuses on play and children’s ideas that create, deliver and reflect programs that are unique to our context and engage our community

Liberates children to initiate and lead their own learning allowing independence in choice and access to resources

Is carefully planned and reflected upon to deliver programs that respond to children’s interests and support their learning and development

Is informed by the EYLF and Centre Philosophy to promote each child’s agency, learning and development

Values the benefits of learning and interactions that occur in the natural environment


Promote high levels of collaboration and communication

Recognise and engage individual skills and strengths of staff

Foster positive relationships and respect for each other

Promote consistency and continuity of care for children and families

Have a positive impact on children through consistent practice, ethical conduct and supportive working relationships


Promote trust, open communication and mutually supportive relationships

Value the role of families and respect their beliefs regarding children’s education and care

Involve families in curriculum and service decision making

Create partnerships with the wider community and other professionals to support families and children

Respectfully embed the culture and histories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into everyday practice


Are welcoming, safe and well maintained.

Are inclusive, open-ended with accessible indoor and outdoor environments that are stimulating and cater to all children’s interests and abilities.

Offer children the opportunity to contribute and organise the environment in ways that are meaningful and promote unique play and learning.

Provide choice of materials, resources and play spaces that encourage children to understand and connect with the natural environment

Promote environmental responsibility and ensure that environmental sustainability is embedded into daily practices


Respects each child’s right to feel safe and comfortable

Promotes children’s wellbeing and build their confidence

Helps children learn about healthy lifestyles and become more responsible for their health, safety and wellbeing as they develop greater independence

Provides an inclusive environment where all children’s safety and wellbeing are paramount.

Embeds child safe standards to promote cultural safety, participation and empowerment of all children.


Is guided by the service philosophy, policies, procedures and quality standards

Encourages respect and cooperation in a happy and positive environment

Facilitates collaboration and involvement from families, children, staff and community in service decision making

Is committed to learning, reflective practice and ongoing quality improvement

Maintains effective systems, communication and governance arrangements to manage the service

Establishes shared values and clear direction