The Early Learner’s Room offers enrolments for children 6 weeks to 2.5 years of age. There are 12 children per day with 4 educators and an additional educator during the busiest times of the day. The Early Learners Room features a variety of spacious indoor and outdoor play areas with plenty of shade and room to explore.
The room caters for a wide range of stages in children’s development. All children are programmed for regularly based on their interests. We aim to provide a warm and friendly environment with opportunities to maximise children’s potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning.
The program has a specific emphasis on play based learning and recognises the importance of communication and language, including literacy and numeracy, and social and emotional development. The routines are flexible and cater to individual and family needs aiming to provide a consistent and relaxed atmosphere.
The program is displayed as a slideshow and documents children’s learning and interests. The program includes details about books, songs, learning activities and experiences that have occurred during the week.

The Transitional Learner’s Room offers enrolments for children 2-3.5 years of age. There are 15 children and 4 primary educators each day.
The room provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities for children to explore and challenge their skills and abilities. The program focuses on the interests of individual and groups of children with a particular focus on self help skills, confidence and independence.
The daily routine provides children with a range of learning experiences that promote social interactions in a stimulating environment where children can thrive with encouragement and support to develop strong and lasting relationships with peers and educators.
The outdoor playground provides a challenging and fun play environment for children to explore. Both the natural and built environment allows children to initiate their own games and activities as part of the program.
The program is displayed daily for families to view and provides opportunity for discussion about the various activities and  events the children experienced throughout the day.
Children in this age group are filled with curiosity and wonder. To foster their curiosity children are invited to particpate in a collection of science experiments to investigate experiences as well as cooking and tasting a variety of foods.

The preschool room offers enrolments for children 3-5 years of age. There are 26 children per day with 4 primary educators and an additional educator during the busiest times of the day.
The preschool rooms philosophy reflects that of the Service with an emphasis on play based learning. Our programming, both planned and spontaneous, follows children’s interests and strengths to enhance and challenge children’s developing skills. Our environment is set up to support this through open shelving and continuous play spaces for children to initiate and extend their learning.
Individual programming is carried out on a regular basis and provides children with opportunity to further develop strengths and interests. The preschool program supports children’s transition to primary school with a focus on social and self help skills. The children particularly enjoy ‘lunch box day’ where they place a lunch order and practise using their lunch boxes.
School readiness experiences are embedded into all aspects of the program to promote:

  • self help skills
  • sharing and turn taking
  • language development
  • motor skills
  • resilience and self-regulation
  • problem solving skills
  • reading and writing skills

Due to the location of our service, our preschool children are fortunate to be involved with the wider community. We regularly visit Cardiff library for story time and take short excursions to local businesses. In addition, we have entertaining children’s shows at the Service and receive educational visits from health workers and emergency services.
Children enjoy sharing stories and news with their friends and one of the ways we encourage this within our room is through the use of ‘Special Bag’. Children bring an item, toy or book for example, to show and talk about with their friends. Special bag has become an important part of our daily routine and helps children build confidence and further develop language skills.
The educators in the preschool room value family input and endeavour to develop close partnerships with families. Our daily program is in the form of a slideshow to share children’s daily experiences with parents, as well as documentation about group time experiences and projects.